Getting your home ready

Proper home staging is a must, especially in today's fast-paced market.

Getting your home ready

Making sure your home is market ready is of high importance – especially in today’s fast-paced market.

Buyer’s will typically conduct showings very quickly, and make up their minds about a home even quicker. 

The Fournier real estate group is here to make sure your home is market ready, and we aim to prepare your home for an optimal launch on the market. 

Our goal: emphasizing your home’s ‘wow’ factors, achieve a better buyer conversion rate, obtain a speed of sale, sell at a higher sale price, and land a deal that’s desirable to your needs. 


Why home staging is a must:


We experience it regularly: homes that are properly staged, market ready, and offer a great showing experience will sell quicker, and with better ease.


Homes that are market ready continuously prove to sell at a higher price point vs homes that aren’t.


Proper staging makes for buyers to have a more enjoyable, and memorable experience. This betters chances of converting showings, into legitimate offers from serious buyers.

Tips and tricks

The exterior

'First and last impressions last.'

We recommend you starting with a simple exercise. Taking a walk around the block, walking in front of your home, and imagining there’s a ‘sold’ sign on your front lawn. 

Now putting yourself into a potential buyer’s shoes – look for all things that aren’t clean, empty and in order. Think: landscaping, grass, hedges, eavestroughing, siding, etc. We recommend you making sure that your home’s exterior be clean and in order. 

First and last impressions last.

De-clutter, de-personalize, and emphasize the 'wow' factors.

De-cluttering goes a long way. It will give your home a more ‘open’ feeling, which in turn helps buyer’s envision themselves living in your home. It also makes for smoother showings, and a better chance for buyer’s to start getting creative, and imagine themselves living in your home.

De-personalizing is also important. Buyer’s don’t want to see your dirty laundry, food leftovers, dirty dishes, toys, etc. 

Emphasize the ‘wow’ factors. If your home has a beautiful cathedral ceiling, clear what’s underneath it to emphasize how openness of the room. If your home has a beautiful foyer, cozy it up, and make it welcoming. Beautiful backyard views? Make sure the view isn’t obstructed.

The interior

We'll help, in making your home is market ready.

Each home requires a unique approach in making sure it’s ready to go on the market. You can rely on our expert guidance to help you prepare your home for the market.

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