Let us take care of the rest

Let us take care of the rest

You can rely on us to take care of the rest. We’ll help you navigate the market effectively, strategize correctly based on your wants and needs, negotiate thoroughly to maximize your bottom line, and help you achieve desirable selling terms. 

Listing strategies

Strategies that can be utilized in today's marketplace:

There’s various selling strategies that can be utilized in today’s marketplace. Here’s a few that we often encounter: 

1. “No conveyance of offers prior to (date/time)”. This means that the seller has instructed that they will NOT review pre-emptive offers. In fact, as your listing agent, even if we receive a pre-emptive offer, we can NOT communicate it, or present it to you prior to the prescribed date / time. 

2. “Offers to be presented at (date/time), however seller reserves the right to review and may accept pre-emptive offers.” In this instance, the seller’s are giving the instruction that the offer’s will be presented at a prescribed date / time, however, they’re reserving the right to review, and may accept pre-emptive offers (aka: “bully offers”). 

3. “No conveyance of offers until (date/time) subject to exceptions or conditions.” In this instance, the seller has instructed that they will NOT review pre-emptive offers, unless the pre-emptive offer contains a specific term. Example: $50,000 over the asking price. 

4. First come first serve. 

The importance of outreach

Having been a staple in the greater Ottawa area market for years, we’ve built a strong database of clients and business associates. This helps us better market our listings, get the word out to more people, and better our chances of finding the right buyer for our listings. 


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You can rely on our group

From scheduling showings, to answering inquiries, to negotiating, reminders, updates, paperwork, and everything in between. The group is here for you.

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