At the Fournier real estate group, we understand that great marketing is at the core of a successful sale story. 

That’s why we take a personal and customized approach for the marketing of each of our listings. It allows us to market efficiently,  and helps us achieve successful sale stories for our clients. 

We consult with our clients from the very beginning in order to determine what’s the best selling strategy we can utilize, in order to achieve the highest of sale prices. 

Our approach


At the start of our every listing, is an effective ‘coming soon’. It helps us steer eyes towards our clients’ property, and allows us to set the tone for the rest of our listing’s marketing.


We know how to expose our listings to the locals. Our aim is for our listings to become the next ‘buzz’ on the street. We do so through directional signs, for sale signs, open houses, print advertising, open houses, and more. 


We expose our listings to a large online audience. We’ll market them through our website, social media pages, online ads, the MLS system, other data providers, and much more. We also take professional photos and floor plans for our listings, which helps us better market your our listings online. 

IV - And lots more.

We’re confidant that our marketing approach and listing package sets the tone for successful sale stories. Get in touch with us today to see how we can customize our marketing to your property. 

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