II - Let's prepare your listing

First impressions are everything:

Now that your home is market ready, it’s time to make your listing shine. Think: professional videography, photos, 3D virtual tours, floor plans, the wording of your listing, the structure of your listing, and much more.

Scroll through to see the steps we’ll take to make your listing shine. 

Let's make your listing shine:

I - Professional videography, photography, 3D tours, and floor plans:

Let's catch potential buyer's interest.

Professional photography, videography, virtual tours and floor plans are all things that will present your home to potential buyers. All of the above should enhance the natural beauty of your home, and put a focus on the key features. 

Floor plans will help us show buyers – virtually – the layout of your home.

Let's present the storyline of your home.

Correct wording will present the storyline of your home, as well as offer buyers a better sense of your homes purpose and features. Proper wording is a great way to charm a potential buyer into your front door. 

II - The wording:

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III - The overall structure:

Let's make your listing clear, informative and captivating.

We’ll structure your listing in a way to capture the buyer’s interest, present the wording of your home correctly, and keep the structure clear, informative and captivating.

We know what sticks, and what doesn’t. You can count on us to prepare your listing properly, to attract more buyer’s into your front door.

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