V - Selling strategies, in a seller's market.

Let's maximize the sale of your home:

Let’s maximize the sale of your home. When listing your home on the market, there are numerous selling strategies at your disposal. We’ll help you choose and deploy the right selling strategy for you, based on your exact wants and needs.

Scroll through this page to see a few of the selling strategies you can capitalize on.

I - "No conveyance of offers prior to [time/date]."

In this instance, all offers will be presented on a specific date / time and you have decided not to review any pre-emptive offers. In fact: if you decide to employ this strategy – as your realtor, we are forbidden to present any pre-emptive offer before the time and date specified. 

In this case, offers will be presented on a specific date/time, however, you are reserving the right to review and accept or decline any pre-emptive offer presented to you. 

These offers are also referred to as “bully offer’s”.

II - "Offers to be presented at [time/date] however seller reserves the right to review and may accept pre-emptive offers."

III - "No conveyance of offers prior to [time/date] subject to exceptions and conditions."

In this case, you have instructed your realtor that you will not review any pre-emptive offers unless the pre-emptive offer contains the specific terms declared by the seller (you). For example: conditional upon an offer $50,000 over the asking price, with no conditions.

There are other strategies at your disposal. For example: requiring a 48-hour irrevocable, accepting offers on a “first come, first serve” basis, and more. 

We’ll discus options and make recommendations to help you utilize the best sale strategy to meet your expected outcome!

IV - Other strategies

We’ll make recommendations based on your specific wants and needs, in order to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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