Perfectly located, resourceful & prestigious

Cumberland is perfectly located. Located just short drive to Ottawa, the Quebec border, and the Ottawa river – making it a prime location for those looking for a great mix of work and play. 

Also enjoy many sanctuary’s, museums, sugar bushes, fruit farms and much more. Cumberland is also home to beautiful neighborhoods and communities, such as the Cumberland Estates. 

Born and raised a short drive from Cumberland – we’re proud to say that we’re your go to Cumberland realtors.

Use this page as your go-to-guide for all things Cumberland real estate! 

Explore Cumberland

Outdoor enthusiasts & adventure lovers

Cumberland is very resourceful: home to park’s, sanctuary’s, museum’s, fruit farms, sugar bushes and much more. 

Looking for local spots to try? Here’s a few of our personal favorites: the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park, and Proux Sugar Bush & Berry Farm. 

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The Cumberland Estates

Cumberland has various communities to choose from, amongst which – the Cumberland Estates. Cumberland is home to many prestigious properties, whilst also offering a great sense of community. 

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