Get to know Limoges

A nature lover's paradise

Born and raised just minutes from Limoges – we’re proud to say that we’re your go to Limoges realtors. 

Limoges offers a great mix of nature / country living, a sense of community, with an easy access to the city. 

Limoges is very versatile. Home to the Larose Forest which is readily available year-round, rapidly growing subdivisions, up and coming amenities, the Calypso Water Park, and much more.

Use this page as your go-to-guide for all things Limoges real estate! 

Explore Limoges

For the growing families

Growing families get to enjoy numerous amenities, such as: great schools, daycares, the Larose Forest, the Calypso Water Park, along with many up and coming amenities – such as the sports complex. 

Limoges is very versatile, offering it’s citizens a great mix of work and play. As for schools, you can count on the Limoges Elementary School for your young ones, and the Embrun / or Casselman highschool for your older ones! 

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A nature lover's paradise

The Larose Forest is a hidden gem. With readily available trails year-round, you can enjoy: walking trails, mountain biking, and hiking. During the winter months, you can switch it up with: snow shoes, fat bikes, and walking/hiking trails.

Looking to change things up during a hot summer day? Enjoy the Calypso water park, located in the heart of Limoges.

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Local events, economic growth & amenities

Local businesses & local events: Limoges is home to various local businesses, local restaurants, and offers  great social events all year round, such as: baseball tournaments, charity events, and more. Enjoy the strong sense of community that Limoges has to offer!

Local restaurants: Looking for a few local spots to try? Here’s a few of our personal favorites: Prime Burger and Pizzeria, Boboul Pizza, Joes Pizza Shop & New Bun Key Restaurant.

Economic growth & amenities: The Nation township is very progressive, with serious plans of expanding various amenities to the Limoges’ citizens. We’re also seeing many subdivisions being developed, and growing amenities in the area – such as the Sports Complex! 

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