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The perfect blend of country living, with an easy access to the city:

Born and raised in Embrun – we’re proud to say that we’re your go to Embrun realtors. 

Embrun offers the perfect blend of country living, with an easy access to the city. Embrun is very versatile, offering: great schools, sports complexes, recreational trails, thriving local businesses, rapidly growing amenities, local events, and tons more.

Use this page as your go-to-guide for all things Embrun real estate! 

Explore Embrun

For the growing families

Growing families get to enjoy numerous amenities: great schools, grocery stores, growing sports complexes, sports clubs, the dog park, the water splash pad, social events, and much more. Embrun is part of the Russell Township, which was ranked the 3rd best place to live in Ontario to raise a family, and the 3rd best place to live in Canada – per 

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Thriving local businesses & a great sense of community

Embrun is home to various local businesses, local restaurants, micro breweries, pubs, and offers  great social events all year round, such as: the Carnaval, the Caribou, baseball tournaments, hockey tournaments, charity events, and more. Enjoy the strong sense of community that Embrun has to offer!

Looking for a few local spots to try? Here’s a few of our personal favorites: Brasserie Étienne Brewery, Homestead Pub, Experience Café and Smoothie Bar, Tuque de Broue, Pearson Street Smash Burgers, and more. 

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For the nature & fitness lovers

Embrun’s recreational trail: Located right beside our office, enjoy Embrun’s recreational trail which covers approximately 10km in length from Embrun to Russell. The recreational trail is completely paved and accessible to all – making it perfect for those who love to run, bike, and roller blade.

The Sports Complex: Embrun’s sports complex is a community favorite. Here’s a few of the features you can enjoy: weight lifting gym, running track, tennis course, interior soccer, and more. The sports complex is also under a large expansion, which will soon bring baseball diamonds, a swimming pool, and more.

Embrun Total Fitness: For the fitness enthusiasts – check out Embrun Total Fitness! This amazing gym situated in the heart of Embrun. 

More: Enjoy the tennis court, water splash pad, plenty of parks, the dog park, and more.

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Economic & population growth

Embrun is undergoing an exponential economic & population growth.

The Russell township is very progressive, with serious plans of expanding various amenities such as: the Sports complex, the splash pad, the dog park, and more.

We’re also seeing considerable re-zoning applications underway, with many large corporations establishing businesses in the Embrun area.

Also enjoy a number of new neighborhoods and subdivisions currently under construction! 

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